Engagement model

Strategy &

Your program needs to fit your unique supply chain and working capital goals. At Jitfin, we employ a collaborative process to understand contextual needs and create a winning approach to capital infusion programs.


  • Technology onboarding of partner network
  • Pilot implementation, testing and scaling
  • Program audits and continuous anchor feedback cycles
  • Understand your expectations
  • Assess your supply chain partners
  • Agree with the program
  • Program budget allocation
  • Credit model
  • Contract sign off
  • Program micro-site design
  • Technology integration
  • Program launch

How it works

Step One

Supplier applies on portal.jitfin.co, submits GST data and obtains in-principle approval

Step Two

Supplier digitally signs
agreement after completing KYC

Step Three

Credit line is activated

Step Four

Supplier submits due invoices
and receives funds


Unlock working capital

Reduce purchase cycle times

Fuel business growth and development

Increase MSME buying capacity

Reduce purchase cycle times

Negotiate better rates for raw material inputs

Empower your distributors to stay sure-footed through peak demand cycles and mitigate disruptions to the downstream supply chain.

Improve the top line

Increase distributor buying capacity

Expand to new markets

Help your
suppliers get
Paid Faster