A pragmatic approach to growth finance

Our work is about making growth finance a reality for 64 million small businesses, several of whom are part of the critical supply chains of large corporations. For most, growth finance remains an elusive dream. Our goal is to harness data and technology to solve the problem of access to finance for small businesses.

Supply chains, by structure, trap and hold large amounts of working capital. We build contextual capital infusion programs that enable the liberation of funds from the supply chain to add growth potential to medium and small-scale enterprises. At JiTFinco, we recognize the importance of MSMEs to the economy and strive toward inclusive financing solutions that can ensure mutual growth and development.


We exist to ensure the liberation of the untapped potential of India’s massive medium and small-scale industries through timely and inclusive growth finance solutions.

Praveen Hari

CEO & Founder

The sole purpose of our existence is to deliver credit to small businesses. In India, a small business often finds it difficult to get access to credit.

Saadh Ahmed K

Director - Marketing

11 years of planning and executing digital and offline marketing campaigns.

Venkatesh Murthy

Director - New Business

15 years of experience across diverse background with proven track record in business development. Worked with highly competitive markets and brands with strong focus on revenue growth and profitability.

Stinson Rodrigues

Director - Customer Success

Over 15 years of experience, highly skilled and meticulous in planning, development, execution, tracking & conversion and team management.

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