Affordable, Collateral-Free Loans

JiT Finco helps MSMEs grow faster by providing timely & uninterrupted access to finance.

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Finance Options for MSMEs

BillPay Loan

  • Loan to pay bills on-time. Every Month
  • No-Collateral Required
  • 1-Hour Approval
  • Online Application

Over Draft

  • Pay for unplanned business expenses
  • No-Collateral Required
  • 1-Hour Approval
  • Online Application

Purchase Finance

  • Pay suppliers early and Save more
  • No-Collateral Required
  • 1-Hour Approval
  • Online Application

Invoice Discounting

  • Get paid now. Don’t wait for 90 days
  • No-Collateral Required
  • 1-Hour Approval
  • Online Application

Fours Easy Steps to Finance

Apply Online

Register & Apply Online at www.portal.jitfin.co. It takes less than 15 mins

Share your GST Data

Share company GST data via OTP for loan eligibility calculation

Instant Loan Decision

Instantly know your loan eligibility. Submit KYC & Signed Loan Agreement to avail loan


Money disbursed from JiT Finco. All in less than a day.

Why JiT Finco?



No-collateral required to avail business loans from JiT Finco.



Avail attractive interest rates depending on Turnover and Profitability. Zero hidden charges.



All loan decisions and approvals happen in less than 60 mins. Long waiting times for approval are over


All loans provided by JiT Finco are from RBI registered/approved institutions. Safe, reliable and above board.

Data-Driven Decisions

Share only your transaction data for loan decisions. Sales, Purchases and Turnover data is all we need to take a decision


Digital process for registration, application and faster approvals. Submit KYC and Loan Agreements online to avail loan

Our Story

Before JiT Finco, we have run a small business. We lived through Working capital shortages. Being a technology company, we had limited physical assets. With no-collateral, a bank loan was out of bounds for us. We didn't fit into the banker's asset-backed lending model and their credit products suited large companies better.

There are millions of small businesses in India like us. Many don’t have assets and are not a great fit in the banker’s lending model. For us, this seemed like a great opportunity area. Today, we are perfecting the art of assessing small businesses through their digital and data footprints. We are using data to determine the credit-worthiness of small business (MSMEs) and underwrite Zero-collateral loans for them.

At JiT Finco, we create new loan products for MSMEs. We are leveraging technology to find newer ways to provide credit to small businesses. Our goal is to to impact a million small businesses with our technology, new underwriting methods and our credit products.