What does
JiTFinco do?

We bridge critical finance gaps and enable supply chain health with collateral free loans

About Us

Our work is all about making growth finance a reality for 64 million small businesses, several of whom are part of the critical supply chains of large corporations. For most, growth finance remains an elusive dream. It is our goal to harness data and technology to solve the problem of access to finance for small businesses…

Experience JitFinco Solutions

Eliminate wait times and help your suppliers get paid on Day 2.
Early payments help suppliers liberate working capital and drive business growth.

Faster revenue realisation on sales

Reduced purchase-sales cycle times

Negotiate better rates for raw materials

Our BNPL program enables marketplaces to maximize their conversions and provide hassle-free checkout experiences for buyers.

Increase Average Sales Per Customer By Up To 40%

Increase efficiency with seamless API integration

Quick And Easy Digital Process

Empower your distributors to stay sure-footed through peak demand cycles and mitigate disruptions to the downstream supply chain.

Improve the top line

Increase distributor buying capacity

Expand to new markets

The JitFinco Difference

Take your supply chain’s
potential to the
next level!