leading India's Fight Against COVID-19.

SAFE Loans for MSMEs

SIDBI SAFE loans are for you if you are an MSME and manufacturing products or providing services to fight COVID-19 in India.


Globally the spread of COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a cause of concern for the health of millions of individuals. The world has not seen an outbreak of this scale in decades. Health professionals worldwide are working hard to treat the infected and find a cure for the virus. Fighting COVID-19 in the current scenario means there is a massive requirement for tools such as PPE, Sanitizers, Ventilators, drugs, etc. and every country is investing heavily in producing these products at scale.

India's Fight against COVID-19

We are a nation of 1.3 billion people. For us to be effective in our fight against COVID-19, we need to make significant investments to produce PPE, drugs, ventilators, etc. in large quantities. The effort requires investments in people, new technologies, and machines. It is hard for entrepreneurs to make new investments at these difficult times when they need help.

SIDBI, India's Development Financial Institution, has created a program to help entrepreneurs and small businesses join India's fight against COVID-19. SAFE (SIDBI Assistance to Facilitate Emergency Response) Loans program is for MSMEs looking to make new investments to provide COVID-19 related equipment or services. Under the SAFE loans program, MSMEs can avail loans worth 50 Lacs at 5% interest without collateral. SIDBI also promises to respond to all SAFE loan applications in 48 hours.

All loans under the SAFE program will have a tenure of 60-months. SIDBI is also providing an 18-month moratorium on all SAFE loan EMI payments.

SAFE Loans for MSME

If you are an established MSME with GSTN or UAN (Udyog Aadhaar Number) or PAN number and are manufacturing products or providing services related to COVID-19, you are eligible for a SAFE loan from SIDBI. The loan application process is online and straight forward. If you need help in applying for a SAFE loan, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

An indicative list of products and services eligible

Permitted drugs, Ventilators, N95 or higher Masks, Eye protection (visor/goggles), Protective Gowns / Aprons, Shoe covers, IV Fluid DNS, IV Fluid Dextrose, IV Sets, IV Cannula, ICU Beds, Cardiac monitors, Syringe pumps, Portable x-ray machines, Endotracheal tube, Suction tube, Oxygen cylinders, Rubber Sheets, testing labs, etc.



SIDBI, under the SAFE loan program, will allow MSMEs to borrow up to 50 Lakhs for each MSME. MSMEs can Capex or Opex investments in existing units or new units to help India fight against COVID-19.



All Applications under the SAFE program will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours. For faster processing, complete the application on SIDBI's website and share relevant business documents through it.



A 5% interest on the principal is the cheapest we have ever seen and genuinely supports MSMEs' cause. Also, an 18-month moratorium will ease the repayment pressure on the MSME owner.