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The Cost of not paying GST in time!

Over the last few months, our work with SMEs has helped us understand them better. It is very well established fact that a lot of these SMEs have issues managing cash-flows. With monthly GST outflows, small businesses have come under tremendous stress. Today, most of them are just trying to stay afloat. Not much has… Continue reading The Cost of not paying GST in time!

GST BillPay Loan Product from JiT Finco

Over the last few months we have spoken to a lot MSMEs. The goal was to understand what keeps them up at night. Around 80% of them are simply worried about their monthly GST dues that they have to clear on the 20th of every month. Most of the entities we spoke to are small… Continue reading GST BillPay Loan Product from JiT Finco

What Inspired JiT Finco?

Working capital credit at the right price has been a long standing dream of many small business owners in the country. Different estimates show that around 80% of small businesses are deprived of working capital credit from the formal economy. There are a bunch of reasons why SMEs were largely ignored by the formal sector.… Continue reading What Inspired JiT Finco?